About Us

EXRA-TECH company was established in 2005. Specialty "composite materials" was chosen not casual. Even before, many of our specialists worked in the field of manufacturing and repair of fiberglass products. Bit by bit we formed a team which had a lot of motorcyclists, so vector of work became clear by itself - carbon tuning for motorcycles. At the beginning, we produced engine covers for sportbikes. Its were highly appreciated by racers in local and international competitions. Further our development added to the range: the front fenders, huggers, tanks covers, rear fairing to the full set of racing fairings. All this is often passed through a "run-in" on the track, where racers after tests gave us good advice on improving product quality, increase the strength and reduce their weight.

Our slogan: Racings technologies for your bike!

Dear customers, now we produce parts including for road bikes too. And strive to use the latest advances in the manufacture of carbon parts. We very carefully monitor the quality of our products. To do this, we use only high-quality materials produced by German company Lange+Ritter GmbH. This company is a leading manufacturer in the market of composite materials and represents almost the entire range of products to work with composites: carbon fiber, aramid fiber, epoxy resins, molding materials. Lange+Ritter is a supplier for such a large aircraft company as AIRBUS, on the basis of this we can conclude how good their product is.

Tasks for developers from users has been steadily increasing. The diversity of products and materials increases. The needs are becoming more complex. We also ride on motorcycles: participate in the competitions, travel. Therefore we proximity to suppliers and customers, we know the answers to questions from daily practice of sporting and road bikes. And we want that our experience served to you in a quality product.